Where should the child seat on the car be placed, how to choose and place it is the safest

Hello everyone, many people started to install the child seat on the car after they got the car, but everyone pressed the place is different, some people pressed it to the front co-pilot, and some people pressed it to the back. In the back seat, then where is the seat should be suitable for this kind of seat? Is it safe for the baby?

In fact, for its seat installation, Xiaobian has pressed it to the seat behind the driver since it was bought. For such a position, Xiaobian always feels that this position is the safest. When an accident occurs, our first feeling is certain. It is to avoid the position of the seat and let the side collide. For the placement of the seat, the relevant department has done such a set of survey statistics:

The highest risk factor is the co-pilot, which has an index of 101%, the driver’s position is 100%, the first officer is 74.2%, and the main driver is 73.4% behind. The lowest risk factor in the car is the middle of the rear seat62.2 %.

For the installation of these locations, they analyzed this:

First officer:

This position is a special position in the car, because this seat has airbags, so we do not recommend to install this position, if there is a danger, then wait until the airbag pops up, but it will immediately shake the baby’s head There are also some parents who interact with the baby after getting on the bus, so the eyes always stare at the baby.

Middle of the back seat:

Although this position is very safe, many people basically do not install the seat here, although it is the best in the car in terms of data, but this position has a certain position with the seat belt socket of the back seat. Many people will not press it here. At one point, there is no obstruction in front of it. If there is any emergency, the baby will rush to the glass in the first time.

Rear of the main driver:

This position is relatively safe. First of all, there is a buffer for the front seat. However, there is a disadvantage in this place, that is, it is behind the main driver. If we park the car to the side of the road, then there is There are some potential dangers, and one more point is that this position is the most dangerous when we open the door.

Rear of the first officer:

Although the middle of the rear seat is a good location, Xiao Bian feels that this position is also good. First of all, it allows the driver to observe all the conditions of the baby while driving, and when we put the buckle open, the baby gets off the car. It is also very safe, so this location is the safest place after the car has been integrated.

So is it necessary to have a safety seat on this car?

Whether anyone is going to tie the seat belt after riding the car, this seat can protect the baby’s body well after the baby is seated, and the baby does not have to worry about it after being in the car. Not yet 12 years old, then it is best to prepare such a safety seat for the rear seat of the car. After all, this kind of consciousness is that we must instill in the baby when we are young.

The first thing we need to look at for this kind of seat is its material, because it is made by the baby, so the material must be the best, then look at the brand, if our economy allows, try to choose some good materials.

The next step is to look at its structure. If the seat is a good package for the baby, especially the head, and finally the buckle, this is a very important place. It must be seen whether the buckle is very workmanship. Well, look at its seat connection is not very strong, strength is not enough,


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