The use of child safety seats is even more dangerous, and the child safety seat must know!

Although there are more and more families buying cars, the popularity of driving safety awareness is not optimistic. For example, some parents like to take their children in a car. Although they are wearing a seat belt, once they have an emergency brake or a collision accident, the child must be taken out and cannot hold tight. Some parents are free to let the child sit in the passenger car. Upper or rear seats, thinking that with airbags or front seats to protect you can sit back and relax, in fact, the protection effect is minimal; more directly let the children sit on their legs and drive together while playing with the child, completely set Driving safety is ignored.

In fact, we must know that the safety function of the car is mainly designed for adults. The curvature of the seat back is not suitable for the protection of the child’s spine and head, and the seat belt is also difficult to effectively fix the child. The most effective way to protect your child’s safety is to equip the child with a special child safety seat, but the use of the child safety seat is not as simple as our adult seat belts, poorly used, and the protective effect is also Will be greatly discounted, the following points of attention parents should pay attention.

Instructions for use should be read carefully

Each safety seat will have some differences, such as seat interface, seat belt fixing method, backrest adjustment method, etc. The manual will explain the installation, disassembly and adjustment methods of the seat in detail, which is the most correct tutorial. However, many people do not like to study the manual, feel too detailed and complicated, like to follow their own experience, or probably learn from the sales staff, so it is easy to miss a lot of details, maybe a mistake will cause irreparable pain, so carefully It is necessary to read the instruction manual, and it is related to the safety of the child. Don’t be afraid of trouble.

Children wear too much and are not fixed easily.

When the weather is cold, most parents will not wear a cold to protect their children. They will wear thicker clothes for them. They will not be able to take off their clothes and get on the safety seat after getting on the train. However, bloated clothing will make the child’s sitting posture unnatural, and the seat belt will not be close to the body. It is easy to form the illusion of “false tie”, and the thick clothes are generally loose, which will create a hidden danger: the child in the event of a serious collision May get out of clothing or seat belts. This is not an alarmist, it has been experimentally verified, and there have been real cases.

Prematurely changing the safety seat to the front is dangerous

During the baby’s time, the bone development is still immature, especially the spine is fragile, and the safety seat needs to be installed backwards, so that the soft backrest can effectively protect the child’s spine and head in case of emergency braking or collision. If the safety seat is installed too early, even if the seat belt protects the child from being thrown out, the forward inertia will still greatly damage the child’s spine.

It is reported that some states in the United States have enacted legislation requiring children to install the safety seat backwards before the age of two, and the best way is to keep the child as long as possible before the child reaches the safety seat and installs the required height and weight limits. Sit in the car.

Regularly check seat usage

Since the safety seat cannot accommodate both adults and children, and it takes up a lot of space, the safety seat is disassembled more frequently. Maybe three times and five times, parents can check the use of the safety seat, but it will be easy to ignore it after a long time.

It is best to check regularly or before each use to see if the seat is securely installed and the child is comfortable. In addition, the child has been growing for a long time. For a period of time, it is necessary to fine-tune the position of the shoulder strap, the tightness of the seat belt and the width of the seat to ensure that the child can ride safely and comfortably.


Finally, you need to be reminded that if there is a serious safety accident in the car, even if the safety seat does not have obvious appearance damage after protecting the child, it is recommended to replace it in time. Different from the ordinary car seat, in order to realize the protection function for the child, the safety seat is partially deformed to reduce the impact force, and some deformations are permanent, and the effective protection cannot be guaranteed.


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