Teach you how to choose a baby safety seat?

According to various research data, accidental casualties have become a major risk factor for children’s life safety since the 1980s. Among them, road traffic accidents are the “number one killer” of child casualties.

However, if a safety seat is used, the risk factor of children’s traffic accidents can be greatly reduced. According to an experiment in a car crash test, in the event of an accident, a child with a child safety seat can die for a baby aged 0-3. The rate was reduced by 71%, and the mortality rate of children aged 3-6 was reduced by 54%.


哪些What are the key points to choose a safety seat?

First, the low is not necessarily reliable

In terms of price, there is a certain relationship between the use price and quality. As the saying goes, no money is spent. At a low price, its quality and safety are unreliable. In general, the cost of plastics and fabrics for an ordinary European standard child safety seat may be no less than 300 yuan, plus production costs, labor costs, logistics costs, etc., qualified safety seats are priced at 200-300. Yuan is impossible. Therefore, the price is less than 500 yuan, generally do not buy, because the child seat involves life safety, the unqualified seat can not play the role of protecting children.

Second, choose a common interface and fixed

There are three ways to secure the seat: seat belt, isofix and latch. Seat belts are universal and suitable for any car. Of course, some cars will also have problems with insufficient seat belt length. For the other two installations, the car must have Isofix or latch to purchase.

On July 1, 2013, China began to implement the National Standard for the Restriction System for Motor Vehicle Children and Crews. The child safety seat with ISOFIX fixed interface was selected when purchasing the child safety seat, which is more convenient to install.

Third, according to the age of the baby to buy

There are currently five types of car safety seats on the market (divided according to the child’s age, height, and weight): 0 group, 0+1 group, 1 group, 2 group, and 3 groups; there is another division method. : 0-9 months, 0-13 kg is suitable for baby baskets. At present, the safety seats are mainly divided into infant group (less than 9 months), infant group (0-4 years old) and schoolchildren group (4-12 years old). Each type is strictly divided into the age and weight of the child, so the mothers must purchase the car seat strictly according to the age of the child.

Fourth, material and process requirements

Some moms will ask: What is the best? The whole chair body adopts injection molding process, high-pressure one-time forming, built-in diamond force bracket structure, and then reinforcement design with reinforcing ribs. The back of the chair uses steel frame structure to resist high-impact impact, and safety is more secure. At the same time, the curved transition design, smooth design and concave arch design of the base avoid the seat from scratching others and ensure no damage to the car seat.

The fabric is directly in contact with the baby’s skin. A good child safety seat has good breathability and no strong irritating taste. Otherwise, it will make the baby feel uncomfortable and stimulate the baby’s soft skin. In addition, the material fabric must meet fire protection requirements, no toxicity, no harmful substances.


1, the baby uses the rear seat

Children under the age of 1 should always sit in a rear-facing safety seat. The inclination of the seat is between 30 and 45 degrees to prevent the baby’s head from sagging. The seat should not be over-reared, otherwise the child may slip out in the event of an accident.

2, the life of the safety seat

The life of a safety seat is generally updated and eliminated according to the age of the child, but in the event of an accident, the life of the safety seat becomes one-off. So as long as an accident occurs, it should be replaced no matter how fast the seat is.


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