Children must use a safety seat to ensure the safety of their children, otherwise they will be punished by law!

Parents must let their children sit in the back seat when taking the children out. The baby under 4 years old must sit in the safety seat. Be sure to sit in the back seat after 12 years of age.

In the law, minors under the age of 4 should use the child car safety seat. Minors under the age of 12 may not arrange to take the first officer. In some cities, there are regulations that violate the regulations. It can be seen that the safety of minors needs to be taken seriously.

Newborns are advised not to take a car unless necessary. If you want to take a car, parents should prepare a baby seat for the baby. They should not sit in the co-pilot or back seat with their hands. The baby seat should be installed in the rear seat and installed in reverse to allow the baby to lie flat to ensure the safety of the baby.

Before the child is 4 years old, when the parents take the children out, they should let the baby sit in the safety seat. Some babies who can’t sit for a long time can buy the cradle-type safety seat and let the baby lie flat.

The safety seat is preferably mounted in the rear seat and reversed, because when the front is impacted, the reverse-mounted seat protects the baby’s neck and disperses the impact, greatly protecting the child’s safety.

From 4 to 12 years old, the child should always sit in the back seat and choose the appropriate safety seat or heightening cushion according to the child’s height. At this time, most of the children can’t ride in reverse. If the child is young, you can choose the appropriate safety seat according to the height of the baby.

Children who can’t sit in the safety seat and are not tall enough can choose to increase the seat cushion so that they can be raised to the seat belt position. Pay attention to the seat belt close to the child’s chest and thighs, and protect the child from being too restrained.

The safety of children’s rides requires close attention from parents. It is about the safety of children. It must not be sloppy. Have you done it?


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