The world’s first wearable safety seat! Simple operation, portable, and children are not disgusted

The wearable child safety seat from the American RideSafer brand recommended by everyone today is the perfect solution to these pain points.

American RideSafer

Wearable child safety seat

RideSafer is a product of Safe Traffic System Inc., USA. It is not only a portable, high-safety child safety seat, but also the world’s first wearable child safety seat.

It has passed the safety certification of many countries, including China GB 27887-2011 (CCC) certification, and is a child safety seat approved by the Chinese traffic police! So don’t worry about using it, it will be blocked by the traffic police uncle.

RideSafer is like a small vest, weighing only 580g, which is equivalent to the weight of three apples, and the size of the fold is similar to that of an umbrella.

Folded and followed by an umbrella

It can be carried in the bag, or it can be packed and taken away in the suitcase. It is convenient to travel and travel..

At the same time, it is not as cumbersome to install as the traditional safety seat, and it is too restrictive to let the children resist.

Just take it out and put it on your body, then tie the seat belt on the car to a specific position and it will be completely OK.

Simple to the child

Can also be done separately

Not only can it be applied to any car model, but it also saves space in the rear seats.

Having said that, the key is its security. Is it reliable?

We all know that the traditional safety seat lifts the child to the height of an adult by thickening the seat height so that the seat belt can be used normally.

RideSafer lowers the height of the seat belt through the belt buckle on the shoulder and abdomen of the vest, allowing the seat belt to actively adapt to the child’s body shape without limiting the child’s free range and comfort.

Shoulder and abdomen buckle

Actively adapt to the child’s body shape

Will not limit the child

Free range and comfort

At the same time, this design has the added advantage of preventing the seat belt from deviating from the shoulder and keeping the seat belt away from the child’s neck, thus avoiding the tragedy caused by the slippery belt and the neck of the child.

Moreover, when the car collides, the belt buckle on the shoulder automatically adjusts the dynamic position vertically as the child’s body instantly shifts, ensuring that the seat belt is always maintained in the correct position of the child.

The belt buckle on the abdomen can effectively prevent the child from slipping out from the bottom of the seat belt, which causes the waist belt to squeeze up on the abdomen, causing internal injuries, which is known as the anti-submersible effect design

In addition, RideSafer also has a special anti-energy management technology, which can be divided into collision buffer, honeycomb shock absorption, and abdominal protection wall.

All materials are subjected to rigorous flame retardant and hazardous chemicals testing, as well as Air Mesh breathable soft fabrics and linings for greater breathability and environmentally friendly odor.

It is this high safety performance that allows RideSafer to pass the rigorous US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations FMVSS213 Child Restraint System Test, as well as testing by many international authoritative testing organizations.