Child safety seats are not absolutely safe, it is best not to use this age

When a child is sitting in a car, many parents think that it is safe to have a child in their hands. In fact, this idea is wrong. Because the child’s body is in a period of development, the structure of the bones and other tissues is quite fragile, and even a very low speed collision will cause great harm to the child. Therefore, many families install child safety seats, which can reduce the risk of children being hurt.

Child safety seats are not absolutely safe:

But after buying a safety seat for your child, you can’t say that you can be safe and safe when you travel. A sample survey conducted by a professional agency in the United States found that the child safety seat is also a potential killer. In the United States, from 2004 to 2008, there were more than 45 suffocation deaths among children under two years of age. More than two-thirds of them were caused by car seats. The hidden dangers of child safety seats are still very large. of.

Reasons for suffocation death:

Child safety seats were originally designed to protect children’s safety, but why did they become children’s killers? The main reason is that many children have ten times safety belts on the safety seat and suffocate and die. Secondly, there are children who are completely covered by the safety belt, which causes the chest breathing to be greatly hindered. And eventually suffocate to death.

Reasonable advice:

It can be seen that the child safety seat is not absolutely safe, especially when the child is younger than two years old. Try not to use the seat too early. This is because many of the seats are very soft, and the airway of children under two years old is very soft. The slightest position in the sitting position can cause the airway to be blocked, and eventually there will be various events such as suffocation and death.

Summary: So if you go out to play with your child, it is best to use a basket-type safety seat, and always look at the child’s situation. In particular, children younger than three years old need parental care at all times, and they must be properly installed and safely used when using the safety seat.