Why do children still have accidents when they are in a car and have a child seat installed? The correct usage can be

It is important that we attach our own seat belts, but if we have children in the car, then we must pay more attention to the safety of children. Therefore, the child safety seat has also been created, because some children will be more uneasy in the car, so the child seat can prevent these problems. That Xiaobian will share with you today, children have installed a child seat in a car, why there is an accident, the correct usage can be.

Many people will hold their children in their arms if they have children in the car. That kind of practice is also very dangerous. If the speed is faster, once the collision occurs, the impact of the adults will be on the child, which will have a greater impact on the child. The airbag is triggered, so the child will hit the airbag in the first time, which is also a great danger.

Many children don’t like child seats because they can’t be moved there, they are uncomfortable, but we must guide children to safety seats. How is the child seat used correctly? The first point is to install the child seat on both sides of the rear seat. The preferred position is behind the cab. If there are two children, then one behind the cab and one behind the first officer.

There are still many people who say how to tie a child to a child seat when using a child seat. If the seat belt is too loose, then it will not be safe. In the event of an accident, the child will be taken out of the seat. If the seat belt is too tightly tied, the child will be very uncomfortable. The correct seat belt is that after the child is tied up with a seat belt, it can be inserted into a finger. This is just right. And when installing the child seat, you must also pay attention to whether it is installed correctly, shake the child seat, if the amplitude is too large, it means that the child seat is not tight enough.